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Automatic Nesting modules for sheet metal fabrication

JETCAM Expert has always been renowned for its functionality, flexibility and sheer power when it comes to generating optimised nests. Customers can today choose between four powerful nesting modules to suit their budget and requirements.

Nesting efficiency saves money

Free Form High Performance Nesting

JETCAM's new high performance nesting in v18* takes full advantage of today's multi-threading CPUs, delivering highly optimised nests in a fraction of the time. High performance nesting can be configured to run over a set period of time, with some users even choosing to run it overnight for maximum efficiency. Coupled with JETCAM's remote control processing (RCP), this allows the nesting process to be completely automated, with MRP systems providing a list of parts for ordering and JETCAM simply delivering highly efficient nests, NC code and management reports with costings and runtime estimation.

* Optional module. Upgrade from previous high performance nesting versions applies.